Mubkhar Welcoming Red
Mubkhar Welcoming Red
Mubkhar Welcoming Red

    Mubkhar Welcoming Red

    25.000 KD

    The idea behind the Modern Home Mubkhar was simple to have a Mubkhar which is safe around adults and children, no odor of the burning coal, nonmessy, sophistication, and to bring a modern yet traditional look, the “Twist and clip” keeps the mubkhar locked and safe.

    The sateen Mubkhar comes in three parts:

    Cone with eight fragrance diffusers to spread the aroma evenly

    Metal coal holder

    Metal covered inner base to collect the burned coals ashes     


    Modern Home Mubkhar adds value to any space where a customer chooses to use it, keeping our customers in mind and the everyday use of Mubkhar we designed and made this piece solely in Kuwait. This is just not a burner but a showpiece on its own and value for money.

    With the need to solve the ticky unsafe, messy, costly mubkhar problem, we designed this unique piece. Our main focus was safety, nonmessy, not seeing the burning coal, bakhur, and affordable Mubkhar and here we are today with the unique Mubkhar which does all of that.

    The designed functionality of the mubkhar is to spread the fragrance evenly with minimum usage of Bakhur, a twist and turn lock to keep the coal and Bakhur avoid spilling, and a showpiece that comes in five colors.