Self-Care and Health Habits

by SMOKE & SODA on July 29, 2019

It’s time to introduce a new and positive change to your daily routine as the modern man. In this article, I will be focusing on certain aspects of a healthier lifestyle that focuses on certain habits and self-care.

Water Intake:

The human body is made up to 60% of water. This means that water is very essential for our health and maintain a healthy life. Drinking enough water helps prevent several health problems, such as constipation, acne and skin hydration, and kidney stones to just name a few. Have a glass of water or small bottle when you first wake up in the morning; this helps your digestive system clean itself up in the morning. Want to spice it up? Add a slice or two of lemons. Here is an easy way to figure out the on average how much you should be drinking on a daily basis:
  1. Take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2.2
  2. Multiply that number depending on your age: If you're younger than 30, multiply by 40. If you're between 30-55, multiply by 35. If you're older than 55, multiply by 30.
  3. Afterwards, divide that number by 28.3 and that would be the total in ounces you should be drinking on a daily basis.

*This calculation is for an average person without factoring in factors such an exercise or certain health issues.

Facial Care:

Stay clean and fresh every day. We expose our skin to lots of dirt and pollution every day, so it is crucial to take care of it if we want to look our best for a longer period in life. Using a facial wash everyday does the trick. Try to find the one that best suits your skin type; the cleaner the product is, the better. Using a day cream and nigh cream add a better combination after using your facial wash to moisturize you skin and look good. A great example of a facial wash is the Yawp Exfoliating Face Wash. Using other products just on a weekly basis helps maintain a healthy look, such as masks. Such masks can be found on the website; for myself, I love using Boom Aloe Vera Everyday Mask and the Barber Pro - Under Eye Mask.

After-Gym Rituals:

This subject varies from person to person. Some guys’ goals are to build muscle, while others want to maintain their body or lose weight. Depending on these goals, you should know the importance of what happens to your body after finishing your workout. Your body is still recovering and it may need a boost to heal faster. In my situation, I prefer taking a cup of Whey protein with water. Whey is a healthier choice and it does not cause any problems to my digestive system. Others can take normal proteins, or even other supplements pills. Just make sure you get the correct consultations regarding this issue to make sure you’re taking the most benefits out of everything you’re putting into your body.

Before Going To Bed:

Here are 5 healthy advices that you can do around bedtime to ensure yourself a better sleep:

  1. Brush you teeth: I cannot stress how important it is to have good dental hygiene. Make sure you brush your teeth well. The last thing you need is to have food particles stuck between your teeth while sleeping. Brushing your teeth right before you sleep prevents gum infections and other oral diseases. I personally recommend my favorite CHEWW.CO Foamy Mint Toothpaste that you can purchase on Smoke and Soda. They also give you a free organic wooden toothbrush with it!

  2. Avoid late-night snacking: Numerous studies have been conducted in the past that shows the effects of late-night snacking can increase risks of heart disease, diabetes, and weight increase. Try to make sure you have your dinner a few hours before you go to bed to ensure your body has the time to digest the food properly.

  3. Avoid coffee later in the day: As I mentioned before, try to have your coffee no later than sometime in the late afternoon. This is to avoid caffeine lasting longer in your system which would lead to a disruptive sleep pattern or maybe having trouble going to bed as usual. Instead, just have some chamomile or white tea few hours before bedtime to calm your body down.

  4. Take a warm bath: After a long day of work, a nice warm bath or shower is what you need. A nice 20-30 minutes before your bedtime is the best time to have it so it would relax your muscles and nerves. You would feel more relaxed due to your body’s drop in temperature and therefore initiates the process of detoxification that takes place before you go to sleep.

  5. Eat the right foods: Eating a proper healthy meal for dinner can affect your sleep. Junk food won’t be beneficial at all because your digestive system would be working harder to digest unhealthy foods. This is when having chamomile or even passion fruit tea would come in handy to help digest your food properly.


Written by 

Hamad AlKhudher