A Chat with Hamad Al Khuder

by SMOKE & SODA on July 09, 2019

SMOKE & SODA had a wonderful chat with Hamad Alkhudher - Managing Partner at THREE production House giving us his point of view about summer in Kuwait, work routine and many more topics.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, as you already know, my name is Hamad Al-Khudher. Graduated in 2008 and since then had a good experience career wise until I realized that I need to find my own path to do what I like. Have a number of hobbies that includes working out, reading and traveling. Through the years, I have had some opportunities to become an entrepreneur however it didn’t happen (I guess it wasn’t the right time). However, end of 2018 was when this opportunity came again and that’s when I realized everything started falling into place and finally co-founded a new company called THREE Production House.

2)  What is THREE Production House?

THREE Production House is a new company I co-founded with 3 other partners in which we provide production solutions for clients. These solutions range from printables such as envelopes and business cards, to signages, packaging, and corporate gifts. If I was asked a year before if I would ever get into this field of work, I would have probably said no and laughed as I am not well informed in that industry. However, having great partners with vast experiences in marketing and PR, we were able to learn together and grow to become future pioneers in this field.

3)  What inspired you to get into this field?

Well that’s an interesting question. One of the my partners was the one who told me about the idea of partnering in developing THREE Production House. She was able to convince me to get into it and what made me more confident was the fact that I will be working with a great group of people as partners. Best decision I have made so far!

4)  What are your health habits?

I have a few health habits that are part of my daily routine. First of all, I always drink some hot water with a slice of lemon squeezed inside first thing in the morning. It helps a lot with digestion and clears a lot of toxins from your body. Having Whey protein shake after my morning workout is also essential to make sure I feed my body with the nutrients it needs after an intense workout. Drinking enough water on a daily basis is a must as well, this I cannot stress how important it is to me and everyone should make sure they drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

5)  Define your gym attire.

I tend to go with more subtle colors, such as blacks, grey, and other similar colors. I don’t tend to go over the top stylish in my gym attire.

6)  What do you do differently in the gym that you wished everyone else would do the same?

First of all, I do not wear any cologne or perfume when going to the gym for a workout. I honestly think this is a stupid move and totally unnecessary. I dislike it when I am in the middle of my workout trying to breathe in pure oxygen then all of sudden someone passes by me and the smell of their cologne just slaps me on the face. What’s the whole point of wearing cologne or perfume if you’re going to sweat anyways? It’s a gym, everyone should stink and sweat. Keep the cologne or perfume after you shower and clean yourself up please! I also always return my equipment to where I got them from, such as dumbbells or kettle bells. My moto is “If you’re strong enough to take them and use them, you’re strong enough to put them back”. This is part of a number of gym etiquette that everyone should follow.

7)  What is your daily skin care routine?

After my gym workout, I use a facial wash for my face and beard. After that, I use skin toner on my face before applying my morning face cream and eye cream. I sometimes use beard oil, but don’t as much because I never let my beard grow so long.

8)  What’s your advice for men regarding self-care?

My advice is that men should nowadays be more aware of taking care of themselves, especially with their skin care. Coming from Kuwait, our climate is quite hot, which in turn leads to getting exposed to sun rays that can be damaging to the skin. Some men still think that taking care of yourself in using creams and what not is a lazy unnecessary process, in which I totally disagree. There is nothing wrong with a man tending to his self needs in such a manner that effects his health in a positive way.

9)  What do you like most about Smoke & Soda? What makes it stand out than any other similar websites?

There are a number of factors I like about Smoke & Soda. First of all, the name is quite cool. It’s not your typical name for such an online business; that by itself makes it stand out. I like how they carry brands that are unique yet affordable for the top quality you’re getting. Sometimes I get over those very big brands, whether they’re skin care or underwear and instead try to find something that makes me feel more unique and part of the mass produced brands out there.